How to Dispose of Old, Used Deep Fryer Oil

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Olive Oil

Never pour used fryer oil or grease down your drain. It can solidify down there and cause a variety of issues. It can back up your sink or even worse all of your drains, causing overflowing or even flooding of sewage into your yard or basement. This guide offers a couple of options for disposing of old, used cooking oil


This is the best option, although it is unavailable to most people. Most recycling center accept motor oil but a few will accept cooking oil. Make sure you specify that you are trying to recycle cooking oil when you are calling around to prevent confusion. If you have a lot of oil, or work in a restaurant, you can usually get a recycler to come pick it up for you. They take the oil away and process into bio-diesel, using it for there vehicles or selling to other who do.

Throw it Away

This will be the most available option for most people. Simply let it cool, pour it into a sealed container, and throw it in your garbage. This is how most municipalities recommend disposing of used cooking oil. You could just pour the cooled oil into your garbage can, but with a sealed container you reduce the risk of a messy oil spill.

When to Throw Used Oil Away

I would recommend throwing used deep fryer oil away after 4-5 uses, or after 3-4 weeks, whichever comes first. After a few weeks of being used the risk of oil spoiling or going rancid increases. Always check your oil before cooking and throw it away if it smell weird or rotten and start fresh. Straining and storing your used oil in a sealed container will prolong the life of your oil. Don’t mix different types of oil. Try to never heat your oil above 375 degrees F. Oil that is heated over this temperature accumulates HNA, a dangerous free radical that is linked to a variety of health problems. Also be sure to turn the heat off whenever you are done frying oil.  Heating oil longer than intended can also cause the accumulation of harmful free radicals that are detrimental to your health.


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