How to Choose the Perfect Deep Fryer for Your Needs

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T-Fal FF492 Small Deep Fryer

With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to decide which deep fryer is the proper choice for your home kitchen. Here is a simple guide to help you figure out which fryer fits your needs without spending too little or too much.

The Occasional Fryer 

For someone who doesn’t fry that often, a simple deep fryer should suffice. Deep frying for these users is a treat, so a fryer without all the bells and whistles should work. Fryers like the Proctor SIlex Professional Style Fryer should be good enough for what you need to do. It’s small, easy to use, and most of the parts are machine washable for easy cleanup. It’s small, so you won’t break the back filling it up with oil, and the fryer itself is about the cheapest on the market. Click here for my review of the Proctor Silex Fryer.

The Single Fryer

Someone who is single or is just cooking for themselves and maybe a significant other also doesn’t need the fanciest of fryers. The Proctor Silex listed above would be a good option as it’s simple but effective and doesn’t take a lot of oil to operate. Another great option is the T-Fal FF492D Mini Deep Fryer. At less than $25, it’s affordable, plus it only takes 1.2 liters of oil to cook up golden and crispy delights!

The Family Fryer/Frequent Fryer

For someone who wants to cook up more than 2 servings of fried food, or for someone who fries frequently, you’ll need a larger fryer with more options.  In this case, the T-Fal FR8000 with oil filtration and storage may be your best option. It can fry up for that 2.5 pounds of food in one go, enough for the whole family! The best part is that it automatically filters and stores your oil for future use which is incredibly handy for the frequent fryer or someone who doesn’t have time for the messy cleanup of a normal deep fryer. Check out my review of the T-Fal FR8000 here.

The Health Conscious Fryer

Anyone who with health problems or who is simply conscious of their health should consider an air fryer or oil-less fryer . These type of fryers take little to no oil to cook up crispy and tasty foods. Granted, air fried foods aren’t quite as tasty as their deep fried equivalents, but most people will agree that the difference is small and not enough to outweigh the health benefits. Air fryers can be expensive and have a bit of a learning curve. The GoWise Airfryer is my top choice for air fryers. It’s easy to set up and clean, cooks up to 1.75 pounds of food and is loaded with features such as a touchscreen control pad. Look at my full review of the GoWise Airfryer here.

The Specialist/Party Fryer.

Anyone looking to fry up a turkey or a large amount of food for a party is going to have to consider a larger model fryer. These fryer take up to and over a gallon of oil but can handle a large amount of food to feed the whole crowd. The best choice for large amounts of food is the Waring Pro TF200B. It not only cooks up to an 18 pound turkey at 3.5 minutes a pound but it can cook over 10 pounds of wings, taquitos or whatever else you could imagine. Read my review of the Waring Pro TF200B here.

Hopefully this guide is useful in helping you determine which fryer is the best suited for your needs and gets you one step closer to being a deep fryer master chef!

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